Sylvac 30-805-6306 IP67 Dial Work Nano Bluetooth Digital Indicator 0-12.5mm

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Dial Indicator Features

  • Resolution: 0.0001mm (0.000005″)
  • Range: 0-12.5mm (1″)
  • Accuracy: ± 0.0018mm
  • Repeatability: 0.0005mm
  • Standard: IP54 (water and coolant resistant)
  • Proximity power: USB/RS232
  • 100% Compatible With Bluetooth Smart Dongle
  • Robust construction
  • New technology with configurable menus
  • Proximity data output
  • Hardened steel clamping Ø 8-h6
  • Lifting cap
  • External power supply and data transfer using one cable only
  • Reinforced clamping shaft
  • Rotating display 260 degrees
  • Interchangeable contact point, M2.5, stainless steel with TC ball
  • Broad choice of functions (MIN/MAX/DELTA, TOL, Factor, PRESET, AUTO OFF, etc.)
  • Automatic wake-up and sleeping mode (S.I.S system), absolute System
  • Programmable buttons customization by PC
  • Product Code: 30-805-6306
  • Brand: Sylvac
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