Moore & Wright MW110-15DBL Digital Caliper 0-150mm (0-6″)

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Digital Caliper Features

  • Range: 0-150mm (6″)
  • Resolution: 0.01mm (0.0005″)
  • Accuracy: ± 0.03mm (0.0015″)
  • Standard: DIN 862
  • Jaw length: 40mm
  • Large LCD
  • Auto off
  • Locking Screw
  • mm-inch conversion
  • Depth measuring blade
  • Zero setting at any point
  • Stepped measuring faces
  • Absolute or incremental measurement
  • Thumb wheel for fine adjustment
  • Internal & external measuring jaw
  • Power: 3V CR2032 Battery (Included)
  • MPN: MW110-15DBL
  • Brand: Moore & Wright


Demonstrating the MW110-15DBL Digital Caliper

The Moore & Wright MW110-15DBL Digital Caliper is demonstrated in this video.

  1. We begin by unpacking the instrument.
  2. We then demonstrated the instrument’s repeatability on zero by opening and closing the jaws the complete length of the scale.
  3. We then measured a 25mm gauge block.
  4. We then changed the reading from metric to imperial and measured a 1″ gauge block.
  5. After switching back to Metric, we zeroed it at 25mm and closed the jaws to show that there is no drift along the scale.
  6. We then took measurements with a 30mm ring gauge.
  7. Finally, we measured a 25mm gauge block using the the depth rod.

The DML DC54150 Digital Caliper can be found here…

Overall, the price point, accuracy and repeatability is great, and the movement/action feels comparable to more expensive models.

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1 review for Moore & Wright MW110-15DBL Digital Caliper 0-150mm (0-6″)

  1. Arctic Glazing

    I’ve been using Mitutoyo and Tesa measuring equipment for 30 years, and while they’re expensive and high-quality, Moore and Wright has always been a good secondary option to go to. Been using them for 40 years. This vernier is the best value for money you’ll find, and it readily competes with the more expensive brands. The readout and repeatability are excellent, and in my judgement, somewhat on parr with the Mitutoyo I previously used.

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