Mitutoyo 293-357-30 Digimatic Micrometer 275-300mm (11-12″) IP65 SPC Data Output

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Micrometer Features:

  • Range: 275-300mm (11-12″)
  • Resolution: 0.001mm (0.0001″)
  • Accuracy: ±0.004mm (0.0002″)
  • Flatness: 0.0003mm (0.000012″)
  • Parallelism: 0.005mm (0.0002″)
  • IP65 Protected: Waterproof (coolant & dust resistant)
  • Carbide measuring faces, micro lap finish
  • Ratchet Stop
  • With SPC data output
  • Thimble and Sleeve scale
  • Hold function
  • Measuring Spindle: 6.35mm diameter, spindle pitch 0.635mm
  • MPN: 293-357-30
  • Brand: Mitutoyo
  • None
  • Traceable
  • UKAS


This IP65 Micrometer offers outstanding accuracy, with and without data output, is highly robust and offers the following benefits:

  • Oil-resistant material used for all plastic parts
  • Extraordinary battery life of approx. 1.2 years
  • IP 65: Excellent resistance against water and dust enables this micrometer to be used in machining situations that include splashing coolant fluid.

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