Mitutoyo 178-581-11E Surftest SJ-411 Surface Roughness Tester [inch/mm] “R2µm; 0.75mN; X=25mm”

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Surface Roughness Tester Features

  • Detector measuring force: 0.75 mN
  • Stylus tip angle: 60°
  • Stylus tip radius: 2 µm
  • Traverse: 25 mm
  • Measuring speed:0.05 mm/s; 0.1 mm/s; 0.2 mm/s; 0.5 mm/s; 1 mm/s
  • Measuring method: Skidless – Differential inductance
  • Range: 800 µm; 80 µm; 8 µm (up to 2,4 mm with an optional stylus) mm
  • Positioning: ±1.5° (tilting), 10 mm (up/down)
  • Profiles: Primary Profile (P), Roughness Profile (R), Waviness (W), MOTIF (R, W) and more
  • Standard: EN ISO, VDA, JIS, ANSI and customize settings
  • Analysis graphs: BAC, ADC
  • Digital filter: Gauss, 2CR75, PC75
  • Cut-off length: λc : 0.08 mm; 0.25 mm; 0.8 mm; 2.5 mm; 8 mm, λs : 2.5 µm; 8 µm; 25 µm
  • Printer: Thermal Printer
  • Tolerance: Coloured upper / lower limit
  • Interface: USB, Digimatic, RS-232C, Foot switch
  • Power supply: AC adapter or rechargeable battery
  • Functions: Surftest SJ-411
  • Traverse : 25 mm
  • Traverse straightness : 0.3 µm / 25 mm
  • Inch-Metric
  • MPN: 178-581-11E
  • Brand: Mitutoyo


This is a portable measuring instrument that allows you to easily and accurately measure surface roughness.

The Surftest SJ-411 offers you the following benefits:

  • Skidless system with touch-screen functionality and built-in printer
  • It works independently of mains power, allowing you to make on-site measurements
  • Easy and intuitive menu navigation
  • The large 14.5 cm [5.7“] colour LCD gives you high visibility
  • The skidless detector allows you to measure the primary profile (P), roughness profile (R), waviness profile (W) and more
  • Surface compensation of curved, radial and tilted surfaces
  • It performs roughness analyses conform to various international standards (EN ISO, VDA, ANSI, JIS) and customized settings
  • You can store up to 10 different measuring conditions inside the SJ-410, and up to 500 with an optional SD card
  • It allows two different evaluation conditions within one measurement adjustable
  • You can separately password protect many functions
  • It comes with support for 16 languages
  • Available options include an auto-set unit, X-axis fine adjustment and digital levelling unit

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