Käfer J200/30 Dial Thickness Gauge 200mm Jaw 0-30mm (0.01mm)

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Dial Thickness Gauge Features

Note: The gauge is supplied with contact points form C as standard. However, contact points form a, b, d & e (see diagram) are available at no extra cost (up to 30mm). Special flat contact points up to 56mm are available at extra costs – contact us for further details.

Please contact us with your choice of contact points when ordering.

  • Range: 0-30mm
  • Resolution: 0.01mm
  • Range per revolution: 1mm
  • Accuracy: Standard DIN 878
  • Depth of Jaw: 200mm
  • Range Per Revolution: 1mm
  • Bezel diameter: 58mm
  • Standard Contact Point: form c
  • Optional contact points: forms, a, b, d, or e
  • Lifting device available
  • Contact force with lifting device: Standard 2.0N ±20%
  • MPN: J200/30
  • Brand: Kafer


Dial Thickness Gauges are used for measuring the thickness of a very wide range of materials such as leather, paperboard, paper, felt, rubber, glass, sheet, metal, films, plywood and plastics.

The shape of the feelers on the contact points should be adapted to the material being measured.

This Dial Thickness Gauge features:

  • Contact points type c as standard. Gauges can be supplied with other forms of contact points (a,b,d, or e) at no extra cost
  • The gauge is supplied with the same frame as J200, however it has a range of 0-30mm
  • It also has a second concentric hand for easy and safe reading of the gauge
  • The gauge is supplied with a lifting device as standard
  • The lifting lever is attached through to a pin through the measuring spindle
  • Model with lifting device has a standard contact force of 2.0N. Increased and reduced contact force variations available
  • Spare dial gauges are available to purchase for this model. Supplied without contact points as standard, contact points can be included for an additional cost

Please contact us for details

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