Käfer 9073-2 (0.01mm) Fleece Dial Thickness Gauge 200mm Jaw 0-28mm

Dial Thickness Gauge Features

  • Range: 0-28mm
  • Resolution: 0.01 mm
  • Range per revolution: 1mm
  • Accuracy: Manufacturing standard 1.0200.9.0014
  • Jaw depth: 200mm
  • Bezel ø: 58mm
  • MPN: 9073-2
  • Brand: Kafer

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This Dial Thickness Gauge (edition 1997-2)  is used exclusively to measure the thickness of normal fleece to DIN EN ISO 9073/2 (part 5.1). It is equipped with special contact points and has a special contact force to meet DIN EN ISO 9073/2 requirements.

The concentric millimetre pointer allows easy and safe reading of the Dial Thickness Gauge.


Edition 1996 is also available, the technical specifications are the same, but it has an upper contact point diameter of 50mm and a lower contact point diameter of 108mm. This edition is supplied with an additional weight of 185 grams, which is mounted on top in order to achieve the stipulated measuring pressure.


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