We test all of our products before they are dispatched to ensure they meet our high standards. However, if you require a calibration certificate, two options are available. 

Please note, our UKAS calibration service can add up to ten working days to delivery times.


We can offer Calibration of most instruments via UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) accredited procedures whilst adhering to relevant British Standards. This ensures accuracy and traceability to the nations primary measurement standards. The equipment, techniques, reference standards and staff used have been thoroughly assessed by UKAS experts and are routinely audited by UKAS, so you can rest assured that our high standards will never fall. A paper certificate will be will be issued bearing the UKAS calibration logo. 


We are able to offer ‘In House’ calibration as an alternative to UKAS, for many of our instruments. Our traceable calibration is carried out by qualified engineers utilising standards that have been calibrated and are traceable to National Standards. We supply a calibration certificate that will detail Instrument Serial Numbers and UKAS Calibration Certificate Numbers for all calibrated standards used.