Bowers Digimic

Bowers DigiMic: A New Release Made in Britain

Bowers DigiMic: A New Release Made in Britain

The new DigiMic digital micrometer from Bowers launches in 2021. Within a crowded market, the launch of a new micrometer range might not usually create much of a ripple, so why has the announcement of the Bowers DigiMic range caused such a splash in the Metrology world?

About Bowers

The Bowers Group hold a deservedly high reputation throughout the metrology industry. The range of Bowers Bore Gauges are widely regarded as the market-leading standard, with their pistol grip design being seen by many as a revolutionary design that has advanced the product and industry. Understandably, uses are now excited to see if the DigiMic range will raise the bar and push the technology of digital micrometers forward.

About the DigiMic

With a large screen and immediate confirmation of results, the DigiMic will measure an external dimension quickly, simply, and accurately.

The DigiMic is ergonomically designed for comfort and ease of use

Amazingly the DigiMic has an accuracy of ±2 microns, an IP67 rating, and is Industry 4.0 ready with integrated Bluetooth. It is simple and easy to use, with its electronics driven by just three buttons.

The DigiMic also offers IP67 protection

However, it doesn’t stop there.

Because the DigiMic utilises the Sylvac Bluetooth technology it will connect to Sylvacs data collection software, allowing for seamless data sharing across the manufacturing floor or with other devices and software systems that are compatible with the data feed.

Bowers DigiMic Digital Micrometer Specifications

  • Range: 0-25mm
  • Resolution: 0.001mm
  • Accuracy: ± 0.002mm
  • IP67: High level of protection from liquid and dust ingress
  • Solid carbide contact faces
  • Rotary encoder and spindle
  • Spindle diameter: 6.35mm
  • Large LCD display
  • Bluetooth IOT ready
  • mm/inch conversion

The DigiMic 0-25mm has launched and is available at a discounted price on our site. The 25-50mm, 50-75mm, 75-100mm models, and the 0-100mm set are expected to be launched shortly and are available for pre-order on our site too.

Made in Britain

Another aspect of the story that is causing a great deal of interest is the manufacturing location of the Digimic digital micrometers. It’s common knowledge that the vast majority of metrology equipment produced today is manufactured in China, even if the brand is based in Europe or the UK.

However, Bowers is breaking the mould in this respect, as Martin Hawkins, the Deputy managing director for Bowers confirmed the DigiMic was both designed and manufactured at the Bower’s facility in Bradford.

Martin said: “The DigiMic is an exciting addition to our range of Bowers-branded products. Having been meticulously designed and manufactured at our facility in Bradford, it is a truly versatile tool that will offer fast, accurate measurement across a wide range of settings…..”

Many will see this as a big positive, posing the question, is this a one-off or the first step to bringing manufacturing back to Britain on a wider scale?

Our Take

We’re undoubtedly excited about the launch of the Bowers DigiMic range. They have stiff competition from the likes of Mitutoyo, Tesa, and Sylvac. However, we’re confident the quality Bowers produce will ensure the DigiMics will be a worthy addition to the market, and to our product list.

We’re certainly keen to run the DigiMics through our stringent testing procedure and see if they can break into our Best 9 Digital Micrometers!

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