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Breakdown of the Sylvac Range of Indicators

The Sylvac indicators provide many advantages for your measuring precision. They are swiss made being built with a very robust construction. Being manufactured for the best precision they offer a durable frame.

Furthermore, the Sylvac range of indicators offer a more surprising advantage. This includes their connectivity to third party components and automated data entry into spreadsheets such as Microsoft Excel and measuring system analysis.

1. Sylvac IP65 Digital Mini Indicator

The Sylvac “digital mini” Indicator reads at a 0.01mm – 0.001mm resolution and IP65 protected meaning it is protected against water, oil and coolant.

There are ten types of this model: 

This model is slightly different from the other range as you have the option for bellows or toplifter. These also come with Bluetooth for easy connect ability.

2. Sylvac Test Indicator

The Sylvac “Test” Indicator reads at a 0.001mm resolution and IP65 protected meaning it is protected against water, oil and coolant.

There are two types of this model:  

Being very similar these models have two differences. Firstly, the 30-904-4321 has a range of 0.8mm whilst the 30-904-4322 measures a range of 0.5mm. However, the main difference is in the probe types. The 30-904-4321 has a probe type of 12.5mm, whilst the 30-904-4321 has a probe type of 36.5mm.

3. Sylvac Dial Work Basic Digital Indicator

The Sylvac “Dial Work Basic” range between 12.5 – 50mm and reads at both a 0.01 and 0.001 resolution depending on the model. This model is protected to IP67 which means it is water and coolant resistant.

4. Sylvac Dial Work Basic

The Sylvac “Work Advanced Digital” come in the same range as above and more from 0-100mm. However, they have additional features that the “work basic” and “Test” models do not have.

This includes a lugback (to place on stand), advanced configurable menu, and a broad choice of functions (including MIN/MAX/DELTA, TOL, FACTOR, PRESENT, AUTO OFF) but more importantly have Bluetooth connectivity which is very convenient to link up to third party measuring systems.

The “advanced dial digital” indicator comes in both 0.01mm and 0.001mm resolution. With the 30-805-5305, 30-805-5501, and 30-805-5625 extend the range as they come in IP67 with added protection from being submerged in water and coolant.  Whilst the rest of the models come in a standard IP54 as splash proof.

4. Dial Work Analogue Digital Indicators

The Sylvac “work analogue digital indicators” range from 0-25mm but have additional feature as they have an analogue display on the digital meter. They also come in 0.0001mm being even more accurate than the previous that have been mentioned. 

These come in IP54 to protect it against water splashes and coolant.

5. Dial Work Nano Digital Indicators

The “Dial work nano digital” are similar to the “work analogue digital indicators” as they only range from 0-25mm. However, they have some added benefits.

They have extra protection (IP67 protected) so they are resistant to be submerged under water. However, these are even more accurate coming into a 0.0001mm resolution.

6. Dial Pro Digital Indicators

The “Dial Pro digital” are again similar to the “work Nano digital indicators” but this ranges all the way from 0-100mm and have two thickness of claps.

The two types of clamps have two sized diameters (Ø8mm and Ø25mm)

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