Even our micrometers wear out eventually but you can buy spares and order repairs or service exchange instruments on-line here.  And in line with WEEE legislation (Waste Electical and Electronic Equipment Directive which became law in all EEC states in July 2006) Digital Micrometers Ltd will take back, free of charge, any Moore & Wright, Cadar or Digital Micrometers electronic micrometer or bore gauge when you can no longer use it.  Just send it (or whatever is left of it!) to Dept WEEE at our service dept address (below).

Battery Chargers

Replacement battery chargers are available for Microstat instruments with round charger sockets.
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Chargers for Micro 2000 and Microstat version 1 instruments, with rectangular 2 pin charger sockets are no longer available though we can offer a service exchange or battery compartment upgrade.

USB Lead

2m USB leadTo connect Micorstat v3 instruments to computers: approx 2m long with a round 5 pin plug at one end and a standard USB 'A' plug at the other.
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We offer UKAS calibration certificates for all bore gauges and fixed anvil micrometers up to 150mm capacity for a fixed price. 
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Instruction Leaflets

If you've lost your Microstat instruction leaflet you can download a new one here.  Save it or print it out for future reference.

Version 2 micrometers (serial numbers up to 49999)...
  Instruction Leaflet (v2)     RS232 Leaflet

Version 3 micrometers (serial numbers 50000 or above)...
  Instruction Leaflet (v3)     USB Leaflet

Replacement Batteries

3.6V Ni/MH Microstat batteryThese are three cell, 3.6V, Nickel / Metal hydride - rechargeable batteries for version 2 and 3 Microstats.
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The 4 cell, 4.8V battery for Micro200 is no longer available; if you have such an instrument we can offer a service exchange to an equivalent Microstat (v3).

Service Exchange

Micro 2000 instruments have not been manufactured for over 20 years and many parts are no longer available.  We can, however, offer an equivalent Microstat instrument as a service exchange.  All bore gauges and 25mm & 50mm micrometers are eligible for service exchange. 
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Battery Compartment Upgrade

To enable version 1 Microstat instruments (not Micro 2000) to accept a charger with a round plug we can upgrade the battery compartment.  This includes a new battery and charger. 
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MicrostatXL Software

The current version of MicrostatXL, v3.0, supports USB micrometers and you can download it free here...
MicrostatXL v3 (zipped archive - unzip to install).

You can browse the documentation here