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The Microstat range of digital electronic micrometers extends from 25mm/1" jaw capacity up to 300mm, all with 25.4mm minimum travel.  Anvils for many types of measurement are available and custom anvils and jaws can be made to order. All new micrometers have a USB interface to connect directly to your PC and software drivers are available to input your measurements directly into Microsoft Office applications. 

Every micrometer and bore gauge includes the following display functions allowing metric or imperial measurement, tolerance checking, minimum, maximum and ovality measurements, and statistical calculations suitable for statistical process control applications...

Basic Display

Basic Display The basic display mode shows measurements in millimeters or inches, absolute or relative to a datum value. Any measurement can be held, allowing the component to be removed without disturbing the display.

Limit Mode

Limit Mode Limit mode shows the limits of the spindle movement, i.e. the maximum and minimum measurements. It can be used in a variety of applications, such as checking a shaft for ovality or taper. 

Tolerance Mode

Tolerance Mode The display in this mode will indicate whether the current measured value is above, below or between two previously programmed tolerance limits and allows rapid sorting of good and bad parts. 

Statistics Mode

Statistics Mode This mode calculates the statistical results below from measurements taken each time you press the HOLD button. You can plot SPC charts straight from the display!
  • Number of measurements entered
  • Average (Mean)
  • Standard Deviation
  • Range
  • Maximum and Minimum         

Calibration Mode

Calibration Mode

This mode is used to set offsets, comparator values and tolerance values either directly from reference standards or independently from the tool's operating buttons.